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My name is Austin Keith-Grant Williams, a designer from Charlotte, North Carolina. My family moved here in the 60's and I was born in 1996. Growing up I was heavily influenced by artists and business owners that were either family or close friends. Local culture has been the biggest influence to my unique background. I was raised by a special community of people.

Creativity has always been my talent. I've been drawing, making logos, and businesses since I can remember, but in my teenage years it exploded! More than 10,000 hours of practice have gone into my craft and I'm still hungry to learn more. I'm a self-taught graphic artist, screen printer, web designer, and entrepreneur.

The main purpose of this site is to showcase my Original Artwork and connect with the world. In 2013, I started a brand agency, Mantra Supply Company as a way for me to use my skills to help others build their own creative vision. I also have a special project for Avana Brand that will be launching soon!

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