AKG Williams

The Beginning of AKG

Welcome to the AKG website.. This is my first blog post ever! I can't believe that after all of my years of storming the internet, 2017 is the first time I've created a unique space of my own. Of course, I've used social media and built template websites.. but this the first time everything has been made from scratch, just the way I like it. I'm proud that I'm out here making it happen in the world wide web.

Now that I'm loose.. Let's talk about the reason I'm doing all of this. Why do I even have a website?

It's all for YOU. That's right. You and your personal entertainment.

My goal is to connect with fans and share exclusive content that includes my work, stories, and experiences. There are millions of ideas running through my head so hopefully this site offers a way to organize the thoughts! Over time this website will grow and evolve, but I have to start somewhere. This is the beginning and I'm excited to keep everything moving forward.

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