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AKG Originals: 101

I remember when I found my style for the first time. It felt so natural, like it was bleeding out of me. I never expected my work to evolve into what it is today, I just do it for enjoyment.

AKG Sharpie Canvas

There were always markers and pens in my bookbag because I liked to draw logos all over my notebooks at school - I doodled everywhere. In seventh grade, for some strange reason, my friend Quinn was selling a 2 by 4 foot canvas. I had to have it so I paid $10 and took it to my next class. We were having final exams that day. After my class finished testing we were allowed to work on things quietly. Of course, I tore out my sharpies and went at the canvas. By the end of the day I had the whole thing filled in with symbols and motifs that represented parts of my life. It was my own creation and my friends gave me a lot of props. From that point forward I knew I wanted to make more and develop my skills.

AKG Sharpie Canvas

My artwork is an extension of my persona - I use symbolism and patterns to transform my feelings and experiences into a themed work. My creativity grows as much as I do. As I experience more in my life, I will continue creating new work to reflect myself.

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